Here's the pile of cruft my webpage has become over the years. I don't throw things away in the physical world either. If you think this is bad, you should have seen the pre-organised version.
Howard Jones (

Random Tech Stuff

What I do for fun and what I do for work are very similar. If I end up spending a while figuring something out, then I'll try and write it up here too.

Software & Tools

Little hacks, services and whatnot.

Other Sites

  • - the Thingy wikiwikiweb. Currently under test. I like the idea of wikis even though I haven't really got a use for one.
  • - I got the domain for a bet. I did a site design for it aaages ago (actually, two), and never got much further.

Personal Stuff

Things I Own

Misc Junk

Historical stuff

I used to work at a regional/national UK ISP called Voss Net, which is dead now. This stuff dates back that far.

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