Howie's CD Collection

I KNOW you searched for downloads, and found this page, but that is only because I own an album called Download. There are no downloads here - move along.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find it interesting rummaging through other people's CD collections. Sometimes you find you have a bunch of albums in common, but something you haven't heard of - a new find! Anyway, here's mine, and which bits I've gotten around to ripping so far - my intention is to have the whole lot as MP3s on a couple of 40Gb drives. my intention is to have the whole lot as FLAC on a coupld of 1TB drives, ready for a Squeezebox.

Looking at this list, it's not really representative of the music I listen to and the bands I go to see, these days - lots more indie and electronica stuff, like Digitalism, Los Campesinos!, Deerhoof, Girl Talk, These Are Powers, Ponytail, Of Montreal...

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