Links - Adding arbitrary content within Cacti

15th March 2006

This plugin has been superceded by the SuperLinks plugin. For a new installation, I'd recommend using that instead.

This is a very simple plugin for the Cacti Plugin Architecture created by Jimmy Conner for Cacti 0.8.x (0.9.0 is slated to have a new plugin system from the start). It's just about the smallest plugin you can have - it lets you have a page of arbitrary HTML content behind one of the tabs at the top of the page. You could use this to integrate other tools into Cacti - say you want to have links to Smokeping, or Request Tracker, or Nagios...

To use it, you need to install the Plugin Architecture first, and make sure that you can get plugins to work at all. Then, unpack the links archive into your plugins folder, and add the following line to your cacti config.php:

$plugins = array();
$plugins[] = 'thold';
$plugins[] = 'links';
Next, go to User Management for the user you are currently logged in as, and give yourself the new 'realm right' that should have appeared: "View Links". Then a Links tab should appear at the top of the page.

You can change what appears in the page by editing the 'editme.php' file in the links folder. It must be just the 'inside' HTML - no body or head tags. It can also contain PHP if you want to try that.


Updated: Feb 2nd to fix a small bug. The tab is no longer visible if you don't have the correct realm rights

Updated again: March 15th. Links now supports Jimmy Conner's 'update' plugin.

Here's a zip file

The plugin is enabled for Jimmy Conner's update plugin, so if you have that plugin, then it will notify you of updates to this one.

Copyright 1994-2006, by Howard Jones.