I've added an RSS feed of this change list, so you can easily keep an eye out for new versions. Actually, it's an Appcast feed, so you can download from it directly, if your aggregator supports that. - May 17th 2006
0.82   FIXED another variation on ReadFromRRD not detecting NaNs properly (hyland)
       FIXED SQL error which affects only some MySQL 5s (gundamx)
       FIXED some minor php errors in setup.php (cigamit)
       Changed the rrdtool period from now-400 to now-800 to avoid long-poller-cycle 
       Did some more /=>DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR changes - there weren't any problems, but
	   it's a potential one.
       FIXED if you use the editor and your rrdtool is somewhere other than /usr/bin/rrdtool
	   then you get an incorrect error about checking line 27 of the CLI tool. - April 17th 2006
0.81 - Added a Weathermaps link to the Cacti 'Configuration' side-menu. Removed 'Manage Maps' link in Weathermap tab. (knobdy)
       File-picker in editor no longer masks on *.conf
           FIXED sort-order bug for imagemaps (Fran Boon)
           FIXED plugin shows same map twice if you have 'Anyone + users' (Fran Boon, again)
           FIXED default bandwidth duplicated field in editor. (qjy2000_cn)
           FIXED now allow TITLEPOS 0 0 (actually, y=0 is useless, but x=0 might be useful) (knobdy)
           Editor still won't upload images, but it WILL let you pick from any PNG files in the images/
             folder, and any images already mentioned in the map configuration file for ICON and BACKGROUND 
                 lines. (everyone and their dog)
           Similar change for DEFINEFONT. You still have to hand-edit to define the font, but after that, the 
             editor will let you pick it.
           Changed the dependency tests to NOT give a warning about particular DLL names.
           Added more dependency tests for specific functions.
           Changes some debug messages to warning, so that they are visible in the logs even without DEBUG on.
           FIXED minor (unreported) bug with sort order in Manage Maps
           Changed most Cacti Plugin code to use Cacti's (logging) SQL functions. Hopefully this will help
             with running down a couple of problems for Windows users.
           More error reporting generally.
           Fixed error when creating multiple links between nodes in the editor (fozzy)
           Docs update - More FAQs and config reference improvements/amendments.
           Added 'Cycle' mode to plugin - automatically cycle between your weathermaps. - March 30th 2006
0.8 -  Added ability to have multiple targets for a LINK - aggregate your T1s
       Added ability to use half an RRD (use '-' as the DS name)
       - if you have 'in' in one RRD, and 'out' in another
       Added a tab-seperated file datasource for TARGET lines
       - so you can draw anything you can dump into a textfile.
       Added ability to specify which corner of a NODE each LINK-end goes to
        - handy for busy hub nodes
       Added support for FreeType & GD fonts
       Added VIA points - a link can go around corners, and they're nicely curved too.
       Added gradient SCALEs - specify two colours for a band to have colours interpolated.
       Added many more colour controls for map elements:
                For Links: OUTLINECOLOR r g b ( or OUTLINECOLOR none)
                For Link bandwidth labels: BWOUTLINECOLOR, BWBOXCOLOR, BWFONTCOLOR
       Added Cacti plugin. View and Manage UI, plus poller integration. No editor (yet)
       Updated example config to use new 0.8 features
       Re-organised manual, and heavily re-written config reference.
       Fixed cacti-pick.php some more (all done now?)
       Added non-bandwidth bandwidth labels: BWLABELS unformatted
       Many Thanks to James Lang, Niels Baggesen and the [php-weathermap] mailing list for feedback
       during the testing of this release. - January 23rd 2006
0.71 - Fixed database code in cacti-pick.php
       Fixed up editor to handle blank maps better.
       Fixed a problem with cached images in editor. - December 28th 2005
0.7 -   Updated the manual and example map to reflect all these changes.
        Added config options for HTMLOUTPUTFILE and IMAGEOUTPUTFILE. The
        idea is to reduce the size of command-lines, and make the map files
        more self-contained. CLI options still take precedence.
      Includes new 'DHTML' editor for the first time. This is still very much 
                          in testing - backup any map configs you edit with it first!
      Fixed DrawLegend() to not go below a minimum width (it used to use the 
                          title length, but that can be too small now)
      Added BACKGROUNDCOLOR option: take an R G B like the SCALE lines (request 
                          from kbriggs)
      Ripped out some of the 'live PHP' code to make DrawMap a bit simpler.
      Added a check for PNG support in CLI command.
      Added command-line error-checking (Niels is back again)
      Added a fix for Windows line-endings. Seems that PHP uses Unix-endings even on Win32
      Added LINK DEFAULT and NODE DEFAULT - set the defaults for (nearly) any 
        parameter. This also means that most node-affecting and link-affecting
        parameters are now per-node and per-link.
      Added ARROWSTYLE option - there's 'classic' and 'compact' with neater arrowheads. 
      Added LABELOFFSET option to change the relative position of the LABEL when an
        ICON is also used.
      Added OVERLIBWIDTH and OVERLIBHEIGHT to allow better OverLib output (Niels B, once more)
      Switched to using 24bit images internally. This should improve the handling of
        PNG transparency in ICONs.
      Improved number and content of error messages. - September 14th 2005 - Tiny fix Sept 30th (version numer not changed)
      *BREAKAGE* Renamed weathermap.php to just 'weathermap' to make it more obviously not a PHP page.
      Fixed up NODE name regexp (thanks Niels Baggesen)
      Added warning for non-existent NODES in LINK (thanks again Niels Baggesen)
      HTML fix for  in generated HTML (Niels once more)
      More HTML fixes to make us a bit more XHTML-like.
      You can have an ICON and a LABEL now. LABEL is centred over the
      NODE, for the moment. Also, there's a drop shadow effect, to make
      it easier to read the overlaid text.
      New config features: LINKFONT, NODEFONT and KEYFONT to control the
      fonts used for those things. It's a number from 1 to 5.
      Added BWLABELS NONE for no labels on links at all (request from Ueli Heuer)
      Moved responsibility for complete HTML page from the class to the CLI program
         - MakeHTML produces an HTML fragment now.
      Added ability to customise timestamp and legend text, by adding new text after
        the KEYPOS and TIMEPOS commands. - June 16th 2005
(0.5 was only available a few hours, before a couple of bugs showed up, so I've taken it off here)
Fixed asymmetric BANDWIDTH bug - thanks rpingar
      Fix to make rrdtool commandline work on Windows - also thanks to rpingar
      Added specification of RRD DS names in TARGET ( blah.rrd:ds0:ds1 - that's in then out)
      Fix for different C libraries returning something other than NaN for a NaN (thru rrd) - now we look for good data rather than bad data.
      Allow for decimals in BANDWIDTH specifications - 1.5M should work now
      Allow for decimals in SCALE specifications - mainly useful for very small values on big links
      Brought back sub-1.0 percentages, which got lost somewhere along the line
      Added in warning for >100% lines 
      Added TIMEPOS option so *you* get to choose where the timestamp goes, mgb
      Fixed stupid bug in ReadRRDData - Weathermap should follow the data better now. Thanks to 'cl' - May 11th 2005
The most important changes in this version are the manual, and the following: NOTE: This version is not backwards-compatible. You will need to change your BANDWIDTH lines if you have existing configs.
Changed all internals to deal in bits/sec instead of bytes
Moved timestamp back up to the top-right corner.
*BREAKAGE* Changed BANDWIDTH to use bits too
Added support for K,M,G,T suffixes on bandwidth specs
Added KILO config file option to redefine 1K=1000 or 1K=1024 (or anything actually)
Added --sizedebug commandline option, to help with figuring out
        what you did wrong with the new BANDWIDTH format. Shows max
        bandwidth instead of the current bandwidth on all links.
Included something a bit more like a manual.
*BREAKAGE* Changed BWLABELS options to be bits/percent, since they *are* bits!
LABEL regexp relaxed to allow spaces in labels
HTMLSTYLE, BWLABELS regexps tightened up to detect more errors
Added new example config in docs/ directory
Moved editor.php out of the way to random-bits and renamed to wm.php
Included a copy of, just cos it's handy - April 22nd 2005
Note: The editor.php needs to be renamed to wm.php to work at all, if you want to play with it. Thanks to mgb for pointing that out.
ICON config directive for NODEs added - same effect as jas0420's perl code
Fixed WriteConfig a little - TITLEs are written. 
OVERLIBGRAPH config is written for NODES.
Added --image-uri option back in from the perl version - April 22nd 2005
NODEs with no label aren't drawn but can still be an endpoint for a LINK.
Small bugfixes from mgb
Included the editor.php for people to see (see below)
Code tidyup for weathermap.php - April 21st 2005
Initial pre-release version
Copyright 1994-2006, by Howard Jones.