Some sample images generated by PHP Weathermap users, and also some screenshots of the editor and Cacti user interface. If you have a map you'd like to share, please let me know.

A real-world map donated by Rich.
A real-world example, donated by Tim. This map runs 24/7 on a 50" plasma screen in his NOC.
A real-world map donated by Dan.
A pair of real-world example maps of a French network, from 'chavers'.
This is a rough test of the link comment code I added this weekend. It doesn't hook up to the config keywords yet, but it's looking OK. There will always be situations where it will be hidden by other links though, unfortunately. It does figure out if text will be upside-down, and correct that, which I like.
A customer map that makes use of 0.9 features - numeric offsets for link ends, and sub-nodes with embedded data (the router CPU). It also uses the BWLABELPOS feature to change the positions of the bandwidth labels in the trunks. I wanted to see traffic across multiple VLANs in a VLAN trunk.
Real-world example, donated by Simon Schwendemann.
Another 'real-world' example, donated by 'streaker69'. Part of a SCADA/HMI (process control/monitoring) network.
A quick shot of the Cacti plugin for Weathermap 0.8. You can choose which users can view which maps (if any). If anyone is able to see more than one, then you get a choice of thumbnail view (here), or 'one big page' view. All maps and thumbnails are generated as part of the Cacti poller process, so no more cron jobs.
A sample map demonstrating new features for 0.8 being tested. It shows: FreeType fonts, colour customisation (the legend), a map title, smoothly graded colour scales, links offset from their NODE centres, and my favourite, curved links. It's also using link aggregation to add the data from two RRDs for one link, and reading some of the data from a tab-delimited text file, both of which are new, but not visible.
The interactive editor in 0.7. Here, we're editing a LINK, and choosing an appropriate Cacti datasource to use for it.
Editor in 0.7 again. We're altering the map properties, including a visual font picker and the new arrow style, which can be seen in the map.

If you have any nice example images that you're happy to share, I'd love to hear from you...

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