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Re: [php-weathermap] Time lapsed images?

Stephen Fulton wrote:
Hi all,

I'm currently using PHP-Weathermap with Cacti, and it's great. I was wondering if anyone has done any work on the ability to time-lapse the output? One way to perceive it may be an animated gif, or a script to output the raw images at a certain speed. The latter would involve having to export the images, and I'm not aware of a way to do so with Cacti/PHP-Weathermap. I'm also aware that RRD's average data over periods of time, so that would skew the results some if those were used to generate graphs dynamically.
I've done this in the past with a simple cron script to archive the files away somewhere. You can then use ImageMagick to make an MPEG or animated GIF from the saved frames. There's a bit of discussion in the Cacti forums about this, already:


It's less interesting than you might think, though. On my network it was, anyway.

One of the 'probably/maybe' planned features for 0.9 is some way to pass a time through to the RRD data source reader, so that you can produce a map for any time you have data for. Obviously there are limitations because of the averaging behaviour of RRD, but it's possible to extend the period that you have good data for, and there are other good reasons to do that, too - if you need decent monthly 95 percentile data, for instance.

Have fun,


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