Titlechanger - Change your Cacti's title

31st July 2009

I help administer multiple Cacti installations for various customers, and often have several tabs open to different customer's installations at the same time. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell them apart?

Titlechanger is a very small and simple plugin for Cacti that allows you to change the HTML TITLE for the pages (which shows in the tab title on most browsers) without getting into the code.

Install using the Plugin Architecture 2.x Plugin Management screen.

Look in Settings..Misc and there is an option to change the Title Prefix. If you have other plugins that change the title too, like Weathermap, then as long as they leave the 'Cacti' at the beginning, everything will continue to work fine.


Here's a zip file for 0.1

The plugin is enabled for Jimmy Conner's update plugin (and the equivalent stuff in the newer Plugin Architectures), so if you have that plugin, then it will notify you of updates to this one.


See COPYING for the license under which Titlechanger is released (short version - it's GPLed).


0.1 - Initial Release
Copyright 1994-2009, by Howard Jones. howie@thingy.com