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Dreamcast Development Stuff

This is my collection of information and tools for developing Sega Dreamcast software using free (and legal) tools. I'm no super-hacker, in the league of Marcus Comstedt, Dan Potter and the rest, but I think there is a place for less technical, more practical info about getting your DC to do your bidding. I'm in the process of writing my first game for the DC at the moment, and if I find anything interesting/useful that I didn't get directly from somewhere else, like libdream, then I'll try and write up a little thing here about it. The game is a boulderdash-clone, so there's not likely to be any 3D related stuff for a while ;-)

My First DC Program
Not particularly thrilling to anyone but me, but I was pleased.
Embedding compressed data in your program
FreeBSD 4.1 toolchain
Pre-compiled tarball of everything you need to build libdream-based software on FreeBSD
Takes in alpha-channel PNGs, outputs DC textures in a variety of formats (RGB565 RGB555 ARGB1555 ARGB4444) and (soon) with or without twiddling. YUV422 is an option, but it doesn't work yet. Works untwiddled in all modes.
Use it with the above to get decent fonts into your DC apps from TrueType fonts.

Work In Progress

I'll post some more when there's something to show.
Boulderdash thing
Engine all working, controls all working, maps loaded, gfx need a rework. No sound or UI (menus) yet.
Super Spacewar EX3 Alpha Evolution
Some gfx done, basic engine done, no UI, no sound. Should be fast progress on this in the next few weeks, now I've got the TA doing what I want.
Update Sept 2001: I haven't worked on this for ages (June or so), but it now has sound (32 channel sfx, no music), the start of the UI and help pages. Still fiddling to get decent photon torps. The current version will properly support up to 4 players simultaneously, and although the scoring isn't in yet the scoreboards are.

Just in case it isn't obvious: "This site is in no way associated with or endorsed by Sega. All information is provided as-is, and may be used at your own risk. "Sega" and "Dreamcast" are trademarks of Sega Enterprises."