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Stupidity piled upon stupidity

I was playing with Sam Kington's GIF2HTML this evening, and had enough real work to do to get me sidetracked into adding a little compression to it.

Here is a post-processor written in bozo-standard perl, to take the output of GIF2HTML and squish it some more. The resulting 'image' has been about 10-15% smaller in my (minimal) tests, but requires CSS - it replaces BGCOLOR attributes for repeated colours with a stylesheet entry for the same. For good measure, it strips out a lot of whitespace too. I got from 91825 to 78309 bytes for the small thingy logo you see in the corner of this page, and from 65035 to 53170 for the sample Slashdot logo. About 1.5-2.5Kb of that is just CRs removed. The saving is not huge, but if you're going to be wasteful, you could at least be efficiently wasteful.

January 23rd, 2001

Update for Jan 26th: I tweaked it some more and got another 3K off of my sample. Here's the new one - go on, you know you want it.