DIY Macro Lens

October 7th, 2001

Made with my Kodak DC280, and the front lens from a rather ancient manual-aperture 200mm telephoto lens held against the filter adapter (NOT touching the main lens!). All images are scaled by about 50% (1760 pixels wide down to 800).

See this page for more about this idea.

Here's the lens, although since I only have the one digital camera, it's not a picture of it mounted! The filter adapter is Kodak's 37mm adapter intended to allow you to use their macro +7/+10 lenses.

First, the left side is the resulting image with the extra lens, and the right side is what the camera sees from the same position. Good focus/close-up but a bit dark.

So here's the same again with a tiny bit of Photoshop Auto-Levels applied. Not too bad at all.

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