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Manual for Korg Pandora PX2

I've had a Korg Pandora PX2 multi-fx unit since they were first launched. I moved house a while ago, and my guitar and various bits were packed up for a time. When I came to unpack it, I'd lost the instructions for the PX2, which is a fiddle to operate without the instructions. Korg only have the manual for the current Pandora unit (the PX4/PX4B), and not for the older units.

I just recently found the instructions again, so partly for my own benefit (I can't lose this page) and partly for others, here is a scanned copy of my PX2 instructions.

Each page is about 100Kb in size. Sorry about that. I hope this helps someone else as well... Maybe you got one from eBay, or some second-hand store.

New: There's an Acrobat (PDF) version of this available here now, thanks to Curtis Cartmell. It's 860K in size.