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x0rfbserver Patch for Win2VNC/X2VNC

January 14th 2002

This is a patch for x0rfbserver-0.1.2 to add an additional option. The option is to NOT scan the display for updates. This is useful if you use win2vnc or x2vnc, where you don't need the image of the 'remote' screen sent to the client, because the original is right there on your desk. Without this, x0rfbserver spends a noticable amount of CPU time making updates that are never sent, and making your system's response a little jerky in the meantime.

The new option 'disable display updates' is on the second (Update Handling) tab of the Properties, and is saved and loaded as all the other properties are.

It also contains a few extra casts which seemed to stop this app compiling for me on redhat 7.2.

Apply the patch in the x0rfbserver subdirectory.