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First, if you know me as Marc (rather than Penguin), then yes, you are at the right place :) This site is to help keep friends and family, who I'm bad at keeping in touch with, up to date with my situation and activities... but all are welcome. There's a fair amount of stuff including recommendations, photos, and the old promulgation archives, so have a butcher's.

This site is still under construction. [initial upload 03 Jan 07]

January 2007

Finally... after staggering aimlessly back from the pub for 5 years my web site fumbled its keys into the door in the wee small hours of the morning and returned, if not to a heralded fanfare, then at least to a huge collective sigh from all of my friends who've been wondering what I've been up to. That's not to say I don't keep in touch as well as I should, but in a previous life my site proved a useful way for friends to browse on by while waiting for larger pages to download, and in doing so know that I was at least still alive.

The Lake District - lunchtime,
Christmas Day 2005

The colour scheme is certainly not anything to do with Australia - if anything it was vaguely inspired by the country setting of The Archers web site which was one of many I drew upon for design elements of the new site. The rollover button things are inspired by The Oxford Express web site. Credit where it's due :)

Dunno how often I'll get round to updates - but at least it should now be more regularly than every 5 years!!

Cheers, Marc
Dec '06.

10 Jan The Broncos have fired their Defensive Coordinator, Larry Coyer. Excellent start to the seaon, but it faultered and needed a re-think.

9 Jan Arsenal beat Liverpool 6-3 in the meaningless cup. Baptista scored 4, but their young defence was very static which played into our hands. L'pool never gave up tho' and Gerrard was class.

8 Jan
(W2 ~ 20mins. Tough and plodding)

7 Jan For everyone without a team for the Superbowl Playoffs, the NFL have created a Bandwagon Site...

Excellently done. It asks you 5 questions about you, and tells you which team you should be supporting.

I'm now supporting The Indianapolis Colts. Go Colts!!

6 Jan Twelfth Night Festival on Bankside outside 'The Globe'. Traditional theatre - Holly King arriving by boat, performance of Twelfth Night (in heavy downpour!) and procession to the pub. Lots of wassailing. Performed by The Lion's Part

Saw Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 in FA Cup, while playing pool in pub on the Thames. That's Saturday afternoon entertainment.

4 Jan Lovely article about NY subway 'hero' on BBC News site - worth reading for the last line along. Made me laugh out loud.

3 Jan Gave Blood today and got silver award! That's 25 times now.

If you don't already, please think about giving blood - a little makes a big difference.

(8 miles)

Uploaded first parts of new site.

2 Jan Arsenal beat 10-man Charlton 4-0, but it could have been 8 or 10. Scott Carson made a pile of exceptional saves. Kudos.

(50 min: 10c 10c (v.hard) 10b 10c)

1 Jan Making good progress on redesign of web site... including this bit <g>

(W2 route in 18:18! - new running top obviously makes all the difference)

31st Dec The Broncos are out of the playoffs! :( We blew a 13-0 lead in an overtime loss to the SF 49ers. Cutler got suspected concussion, and wasn't quite the same. To be fair, they outplayed us in overtime. Pants.

30th Dec Saw Town come from behind to beat Swansea 3-2 at the MacAlpine Galpharm. Awesome game! Best Town game I've seen in years. We outplayed them in the first half, and even at 2-0 down I predicted we'd win 3-2.

Arsenal lost 1-0 to Colin's Shef Utd. That's just embarrassing. Now 5th - 3pts behing Bolton.

25th Dec Following the success of last year's Coffee and Mince Pies on top of the mountain on Christmas day last year, this year it was the whole Christmas Dinner itself on the top of Latrigg (mountain in the Lakes). Full roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

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