My podcast download weapon of choice is good old iTunes. I have a nano and converter for my car, and podcasts have been a godsend for long drives to and from work. The ease of fitting radio shows into my life at the times I want them is great. If you don't have a portable mp3 player then you can still download them and listen on your PC while doing other things... like writing web pages :)

I'd highly recommend any of the following:

Fighting Talk.
1 hr - Sat. The best show on the radio. Current sports punditry show, Colin Murray and 4 panelists - favourites have to include Greg Brady (a Canadian in the US who seems to know more about UK sports than most Brits!) and Steve Bunce (way funnier, more opinionated and knowledgable than his appearance in The Games). Try it once and you'll download every week! web site

The Now Show.
1/2 hr - Fri. The best topical comedy show, featuring Punt and Dennis and a bunch of others. Always cutting, always topical, and always has at least a couple of laugh-out-loud funnies... always embarrassing if you're on the tube! web site

Mark Kermode's Film Reviews.
1/2 hr - Fri. The best film reviewer features as a Friday afternoon slot on Simon Mayo's show. Highly opinionated, very passionate, yet with clear and concise analysis. Can take some folk a few listens to get into the good doctor's style - but well worth the effort. web site

The following are a little more specialist, but all excellent:

NFL Rants and Raves. (American Football)
2 x 1 hr - Preview Fri, Review Mon. Steven Miranda and Geoff Ellis (no relation) have brought so much joy to my life on so many long car journeys. A perfect blend of good US footy knowledge with the style of just 2 friends chatting - could be down any pub. If you follow a US footy team you must be listening to this show. The fight song challenges alone were worth it! web site

JapanesePod101.com. (Japanese Language Learning)
15 min - daily. I've tried a few podcasts for learning Japanese and this is certainly the best. The presenters have excellent skills at making the language seem fun and accessible - and the daily bite-size chunks are just right to make you feel like you're making progress.

Kropotkin and Hendrix's Game Review.
20 min - Sun. An excellent weekly review of computer games (from the AllGames stable) with opinions from both the UK and US - the dynamic duo have a blend that bodes well for all UK/US relations. The compliment to the hugely successul Kropotkin's UK Gaming News (15 min - Sun). You just gotta love Dietrict, the German correspondent.

Also worth a mention:

80's Movie and Music Fest Cafe. (80's TV and Movies reminissed)
45 min - fortnightly. Each show takes a look at a particular 80's movie or TV show, with hilarious anarchic presents brought up in the right decade. Movie reviews include: Radiers, Airplane, Goonies, Die Hard and the Blues Brothers. How could you miss!

The Onion Radio News. (Spoof 1 min news clips)
1 min - Daily. Fans of The Onion will love these short 1 min radio news clips. Can be varied - some are excellent. Some may offend.

British History 101. (Sporadic British History by a Yank!)
15 min - occasionally. Elementary British History from an Anglophile American. Happen rarely, but digestible and interesting. I don't profess to knowing much British History, and this is proving a good digestible introduction.